Geopress Support and Updates

Every purchase of Geopress360 includes 1 year of downloadable product version updates, which can include bug fixes, compatibility updates, and feature enhancements. We also provide email support assistance through for all advertised features of the theme. This can include questions about installation and configuration, features and functionality, and technical issues.

We are not able to provide support for the following items that are outside the scope of our WordPress Theme:

  • Issues with your hosting provider
  • 3rd party plugins or assets
  • Theme customization (If you would like custom development for your website, please reach out to us at with details of your desired modifications and we can provide a project cost estimate)

We strive to provide excellent and timely support assistance, but due to the volume of requests received, please review the existing documetation available on before emailing us to see if an answer already exists. To best assist you, please provide:

  • Full details of the issue you are experiencing (including screenshots if applicable)
  • A link to your website
  • Login information to your wordpress backend if you are willing to share that information with our support team


Refund Policy

As Geopress is offering an intangible and downloadable product, we generally do not offer refunds unless one of the following conditions applies:

  • The item was purchased, but not yet downloaded
  • A technical functionality or security issue exists that we are unable to fix in a timely manner
  • Our support team determines that the theme will not work for your installation and is unable to provide a fix
  • A feature of the theme does not perform as advertised

We are not able to offer a refund if:

  • You do not have sufficient technical expertise (this includes but is not limited to familiarity with hosting requirements, wordpress site installation and management, basic HTML/CSS knowledge, and webmaster best practices)
  • You do not want the theme or change your mind after downloading it
  • You find that the theme does not meet your needs (please carefully review our demo sites for theme functionality before purchasing at


  1. sander overeem

    Hello I have problem with logo on site
    on normal screen all good nice big logo
    but on mobile phone the logo is visible half side
    please can we find solution for logo responsive?
    Or logo for mobile and logo for normal?

    Kind regrads

    Great theme
    Sander Overeem

    1. Darren Megalo Article Author

      To customize the display of your logo for different devices, it is recommended that you upload a custom style sheet with styles to affect the size of your logo image. The recommended height of a logo for the height of the top bar is 70px. If you want the logo to be taller than 70px, make the height of the top bar taller as well.

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