Each panorama-type post you create has its own shortcode.

You can paste this shortcode into pages and posts, where you want this panorama to appear.


The panorama shortcode takes the following attributes:

  1. pid (required): The panorama ID.

    [panorama pid="1234"]
  2. with_content: Acceptable values: “yes” | “no”.
    If this attribute has the value “yes”, the content you entered in the panorama post will also appear below the panorama when you use this shortcode.

    [panorama pid="1234" with_content="yes"]
  3. in_pagebuilder: Acceptable values: “yes” | “no”.
    A logic attribute. It activates the attributes below that allow overriding the panorama display defaults. Inspite its name, it can be used outside the pagebuilder as well, for example when using the shortcode to add a panorama to a post. You must set this attribute to “yes” in order for any of the following attributes (#4 – #6) to take effect.

    [panorama pid="1234" in_pagebuilder="yes"]
  4. pano_height: Lets you specify the panorama height. Overrides the default height value. Only considered if the in_pagebuilder attribute value is “yes”. In pixels.

    [panorama pid="1234" in_pagebuilder="yes" pano_height=400]

    Note there are no quotes around the value

  5. display_mode: Acceptable values: “inline”|”inmodal”
    How the panorama will be displayed. Overrides the default panorama display mode. Only considered if the in_pagebuilder attribute value is “yes”. If you use “inmodal”, you must have defined a featured image for your panorama otherwise it will show a blank square.

    [panorama pid="1234" in_pagebuilder="yes" pano_height=400 display_mode="inline"]
  6. display_link: Acceptable values: “yes” | “no”.
    Used to display or hide the “Click to view fullscreen” link that appears below the panoramas. Overrides the default setting. Only considered if the in_pagebuilder attribute value is “yes” and the previous attribute, display_mode, is set to inmodal.

    [panorama pid="1234" in_pagebuilder="yes" pano_height=400 display_mode="inmodal" display_link="no"]

And putting it all together:

[panorama pid="1234" with_content="no" in_pagebuilder="yes" pano_height=400 display_mode="inmodal" display_link="no"]



  1. Valentin


    If I insert a panorama with attribute with_content, the link “more…” doesn’t work. This link reloads the current web-page, but doesn’t open the panoramas web-page.
    Where is bug?

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